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Technology Driving You Crazy? We Understand — And We Can Help

Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, servers... We can't live without them, right? But they sure are notorious for causing major headaches.

Perhaps you heard about the 37-year-old Colorado Springs man who took his malfunctioning desktop out back last April and shot it eight times with a handgun, telling the Los Angeles Times that it felt "glorious" to vent his frustrations. Or the router issue that crashed United Airlines' computer system last week, grounding hundreds of flights and stranding thousands of passengers. Or the botched software update that brought the mighty New York Stock Exchange to a halt for nearly four hours on July 8th, forcing frustrated traders to manually cancel hundreds of thousands of in-progress transactions.

Even if our personal experience with technology failures might not trend toward such extremes, we've all been there. The document that won't open. The server that goes down for an hour. The battery that's always about to die. The boot-up process that takes 17 minutes. The dreaded Blue Screen of Death. The never-ending paper jam.

Sometimes, it's enough to just make you want to throw up your hands in despair. To concede defeat in the battle against malfunctioning equipment. To say, "I give up, technology. You win." At CMIT Solutions, we know the feeling — and we know how to fight it. Below you'll find our 5 favorite methods for reclaiming lost productivity and efficiency, reasserting control over our devices, and salvaging a little sanity in this crazy technology-driven world.

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